About Us

Who Are We

We are a group of IT professionals from Iligan City Philippines. Our agency is built on trust, focused on goals and motivated by your long-term success.

Our Mission

To help hard-working Agencies, Teams, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs with limited time to do all their work. To create more jobs for my fellow Filipinos.

What We Do

Giving you a variety of virtual Services that will help your

business grow and be more competitive.

Our history

We are a group of professionals from a digital agency who lost our job because of

pandemic. Most of our team members are friends and colleagues and most of them

came to an Experienced Digital Agency for a long time.We know that life in the Philippines

is hard specially in this trying time, Most of the People here are waiting for

the help of the Government so instead of waiting we decided to create a team

for us to sustain our daily needs at the same time to help other people who

also lost their job because of pandemic.

From then on, we handled different projects from different people, businesses, and

agency such as WordPress Design and Development, Graphic Design and Branding,

Social Media Marketing and Management, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce,

Recurring Task, WordPress Maintenance, Website Transfer and Adult Digital


As the time passed by, We realize that being true is needed specially in business.

Growing slowly but can be lost easily. We also know how to handle properly to

our co-workers specially their schedules. We already accomplished in building a

team that understand one another, organized, commited to work, skilled and

always enjoying their hardwork. Even if we will never be rich, we make sure

that we work well because for us our client success is also our success.Today,

We are so blessed in working the task you entrusted to us. We will always

continue to improve our services in order to serve you better and continue to

learn new skills that will help entrepreneurs, businesses and companies

succeed. So if you want a worry free from exhausting task and you need our

services, Feel free to reach us. We want to make your life easier

Why choose us?


We believe that Trust is the most important thing in business and we assure that the task you deligate to us are in the good hands.

Team Work

All through the years, We know each other and we have learned how to work together. We believe that we are one in the eyes of the client.  We cannot blame our fellow workers for a mistake. So, in terms of work, Each one of us knows that reminders are required, that active listening is the way to understand each other, that we should be concerned our co-workers and the whole project.


We are concerned with you all the time and we want you to make your life easier by doing our best.

Years of Experience

We are an experienced Virtual Assitants and we are not afraid to learn new tools and platforms. You won’t need to teach us any kind of  platforms.


Full details need for cooperation, joint action, teamwork,

collaboration, collective solution and collective decision is always accessible. We assure you to inform about the progress of the tasks.

Flexible and Divers

Castle Web Services adapt to any time and are amenable with different shifts and can work even holidays. We are compatible with foreign cultures. This makes us different to other agency in giving excellent offshore services based in various continents.

One hourly rate

Castle Web Services will give you one hourly rate. This will

cover everything, No hidden charges or additions – wages, taxes, medical care, HR, aid, computer, internet, support, admin – we sum up this into your hourly rate. Imagine of how much money you can save and use elsewhere if you hire an Virtual Assistant.

Value of Money

Castle Web Services delivers high quality result. The difference in salary cost of Castle Web Services and the efficiency of operations between other countries

has been the advantage of Castle Web Services for years. Our professional have excellent and outstanding working ethics.

What People Say


Castle Web Services worked for us on our Web projects Drikkeut.no and Drikkeutshop.no He has done an excellent job and fulfilled all the tasks he was given 100%. I would definitely recommend this Agency to any other company who is looking for a reliable and skilled worker for their web projects.

Magnus Saxon Morland

Business Owner

What People Say


Excellent work re-configuring a site from one theme to another. Would hire again.

Michael Hood

Commercial Photographer

What People Say


Castle Web Services is amazing at taking my limited direction and creating an amazing website for me. He was timely in his editing and made sure I was completely satisfied every step of the way. If you are looking for someone to be able to take your idea and turn it into reality I highly recommend working with him. He made the process smooth and easy for my busy lifestyle and ended up with exactly what I wanted. 

Kristen Leigh

Facebook Organic Marketing Expert

What People Say


Castle Web Services is very skillful at the service he provides. The website he created is impressive. delivered a great service with attention to detail. I will definitely use his service again. Thanks again.

Temi Mosaku

Business Owner

What People Say


Castle Web Services was absolutely amazing and easy to work with. Very professional, respectful and customer service oriented. met & exceeded my expectations for my business website needs and any small business owner would be lucky to have Kenneth on their web design and web maintenance team.

Beto Macias

Business Owner

What People Say


I highly recommend Castle Web Services! very professional, and accomplished the tasks in a timely manner. He also goes beyond what is expected, and has a fantastic work ethic. He is knowledgeable and very insightful when it comes to websites and in depth computer skills. I will definitely use him for my future business projects.Thanks again.

Crystal Dawn

Business Owner


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